Our services can be offered seamlessly alongside your own. In particularly for Solicitors, IFA’s, accountants and business advisors. So if you specialise in estate planning, pensions or probates for example and require your clients investments to be managed in a specialist way, we will work with you to implement a specialist portfolio to suit.

– Bespoke portfolios. We do not use model portfolio’s or a ‘one size fits all approach. We understand your clients may have complicated capital gains structures or perhaps hold their assets in a trust which necessitates particular investment requirements. We will work to understand these requirements and act at all times with these in mind but coupled with our specialist investment knowledge.

– Probate work. CFM can provide Probate valuations and handle all the paperwork with regard to valuing and realising those assets.

– Inheritance Tax Mitigation. CFM can manage portfolios whose primary objective is to mitigate future IHT liabilities. This can be via AIM portfolio’s or within Onshore/Offshore Bonds provided by out partners such as Canada Life.

-Pensions management. CFM can manage Pension assets within SIPPs or Group Schemes. If you need advice about AutoEnrollment we can work with either your own advisers or our current partner.

All these solutions are Bespoke.

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