Biography-Paul Coffin

Capital Financial Markets is based in the City of London and has been set up so that I can develop the best services for my clients. Being small we can offer a personal service and adopt technology quickly. 

Our aim is to achieve market beating risk adjusted investment returns and to provide a first class service for our clients.


I have worked in a variety of City firms beginning as a Fund Analyst at the prestigious traditional city brokerage of Grieg Middleton. Since then I have worked mainly in Private Client Stockbroking, dealing on the London stock exchange and advising and managing Investment portfolio’s.

Working in many traditional firms has shaped some of my views as to how our services should be provided. I believe there should be a great deal of Integrity and honesty in the service we offer. I am also keen that while we offer a traditional service where we are at the end of the telephone, that at the same time we utilise the best of the modern world in terms of the services we offer and how we offer them to you.

 I hold a Masters in Finance, the PCIAM, (Private Client Investment Advice & Management Exam) and am a Chartered Wealth Manager. The latter awarded by the Chartered Securities Institute as recognition as having attained their highest recognised professional award, which in practice means having trained in order to be able to give you the advice and service you need. Although I am the first to completely agree that experience and the school of life is just, if not more important, than any examinations.

During the past seventeen years there have certainly been plenty of experiences in the stock market . An internet boom, internet bust.. several bear markets, a recovery, another boom, banking collapse followed by complete melt down, a bear market, quantitative easing, an emerging market boom, to mention but a few. All of these have given me a lot of experience and helped give me the experience needed to be able to successfully manage your investments.

I hope you will consider us to provide your with the type of service you are looking for, whether that be portfolio management, financial planning or both. 

Paul Coffin.

0203 6970560