Capital Financial Markets offer a highly personalised wealth & investment management service. Primarily offering bespoke investment management for private clients, within General Investment Accounts, SIPPs (personal pensions) and ISAs.

If you have amassed a large personal pension or have large savings and would like to have someone invest these monies for you, then this is CFMs reason detre. Where we differ from our competitors are:

CFMs unique offering

  • We invest directly into stocks, shares, bonds, ETFs, Investment Trusts. We manage these portfolio’s ourselves. We do not pass the management on to other firms.
  • Our service has ONE fee. Many of our competitors have many layers of fees
  • A personal service. Our clients have the direct contact details of their investment manager. We are not a call centre. Many of our clients have known us for over 20 years. We are not a mass market business, we know our clients and are there with you over the very long term.
  • Present in four locations City of London, St Albans, Bath and Scotland
  • We are adopting new technology to enhance our service to you.
  • We offer bespoke portfolios designed for you. Not a one size fits all solution.



CFM was set up by Paul Coffin because the investment firms he has worked at were not investing in their offering to clients. With better up to date software clients will receive a better service and investment managers will be able to manage clients portfolio’s more effectively.

Mission statement 

To provide a highly personalised investment management service, throughout a clients lifetime, utilising the best available software to provide this to clients.

We value these characteristics highly Integrity, Service, Personal service.


Our investments managers all have the necessary qualifications and complete rigorous continual annual training. CFM is also actively investing in the next generation of investment managers by putting our staff through the CISI examinations.


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