Portal Access

The Capital Financial Markets portal designed by us to give you 24/7 access to your portfolio by PC or mobile app.

Providing you with all the information on how your portfolio’s are invested and perform.

Account Overview

The portal has an account overview which shows the total value and details of any cash and dividend income, the portfolio objective and charts of the asset allocation and regional breakdown.

Asset Allocation

The portal contains a list of the proportion of assets that are in low and high-risk investments. These levels are monitored and displayed. Should one type of asset breach the allowed limited the investment manager is notified and this can be viewed in the portal.

ISA Subscription

Logging into the app, you can quickly find how much you have subscribed to your ISA this tax year.

Regional Allocation

These details are displayed in table above the valuation.


The portal contains a list of all your individual holdings, what was paid and what they are worth. Each holding also has a CFM risk score from 1 to 10 to help you understand the risk of that individual holding. 1 is a UK or US Government bond. 10 a smaller listed company.


The portal has a chart of each account's performance at various time periods and since the account inception.