Traditional Service, Modern Approach

We provide independent, bespoke investment and wealth management services for individuals, charities, pensions & companies. The experienced team at Capital Financial Markets provides objective advice and bespoke investment management solutions to ensure that we can make your wealth grow. We have solutions to manage all your family’s wealth through the different generations and life stages. For much of our client base we spend many years building their wealth towards retirement and then manage it effectively once you are retired.

Discover Traditional Service, Modern Approach

Inspired Investment Management

Our team provides a modern take on investment and wealth management by using the latest technology combined with building old-fashioned trusted relationships.

Capital Financial Markets specialist investment managers have all worked in the London Stock Markets for many years' and understand stocks and shares in addition to other international financial markets. Many wealth managers are generalists and outsource your investments to other managers. With Capital Financial Markets your portfolio is managed directly by specialist investment managers who have a plethora of experience in managing portfolios and navigating the financial markets.


Capital Financial Markets offer a bespoke investment management service that is tailored around your financial requirements. Our approach is to get to know you, so we can understand your personal circumstances. This way we can create a robust portfolio, so that you can get on with your life, while your money works hard for you.

One Fee

Capital Financial Markets has one annual charge. Many of our competitors have many layers of fees often hidden, but CFM apply one competitive management fee enabling you to relax in the knowledge that your investments are being looked after by experts in a cost effective manner.


Our investment management services bring together our extensive knowledge of finance and the stock market, with the latest in digital wealth management tools to ensure that you are offered the best possible investment opportunities. 

Becoming and being a client

1 Step One

Onboarding – us getting to know and understand you. At this stage we can collect all the information we need by web form, face to face or video call.

2 Step Two

Portfolio Design – our investment managers design a portfolio to achieve your goals and needs. Again can be delivered face to face or electronically.

3 Step Three

Ongoing management – we will contact you ad hoc and at set periods for review. You will have a direct line to your investment manager.

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