Capital Financial Markets

Capital Financial Markets design & manage investment portfolios for individuals, pensions, charities & trusts.

We invest in Stocks, Bonds, ETFs & specialist Funds, particularly Investment Trusts.

Clients are charged one fee. There are not layers of fees as with many providers.

CFM are stock market specialists.

We provide a one to one personal service backed by modern software, custody & administration systems.


I asked CFM to analyse my various pension pots I have picked up from various jobs. CFM were able to move these into a SIPP. The overall fee is much lower and I get a bespoke portfolio suitable for me rather than being investing in various massive life insurance funds.

I asked CFM to design a portfolio that will save me inheritance tax. So far we have £800,000 invested in such schemes which after only two years I am able to pass on to family members without paying any inheritance tax should I die”

CFM have invested my investments for over 9 years. I moved from the investment department of a well know Bank. They performed very poorly during the 2008 crash. Since then CFM have invested in a low to medium risk approach. Reinvesting all dividend income. Over the years my portfolios have now grown significantly.

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