Everything you Need to Know for Retirement

Three of the biggest financial decisions in life can be education, mortgages and pensions. After paying into a pension for years it can end up being your largest asset and managed effectively can sustain you for many years.

Capital Financial Markets manage pension portfolios and our account managers will guide you through all the ways in which you can best set up your retirement plan. We will go through all of your finances and current pension set up in detail in order to devise a retirement savings plan that works for your lifestyle and expectations.

If you already have pension assets, be it in a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) or a company scheme, Capital Financial Markets can help you invest that asset with the aim of getting the best return for your money so you can retire in comfort. If you have various different pension pots from different employers, Capital Financial Markets can advise you on if it is appropriate to consolidate these into one SIPP and how to do so, if appropriate.
We offer a bespoke, flexible investment service that will look after and grow your pensions, and can be adjusted for changes in your life. Whether you want to grow your pension portfolio, preserve your wealth or provide a good income for your retirement, our financial managers can help.

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Pension Transfers

You may have several different pensions from previous jobs. Capital Financial Markets can advise and make recommendations to transfer some or all of these into one pension if appropriate and then manage the portfolio. This can bring significant savings from economies of scale and is much easier for you when it comes to administration.

If you currently have a pension managed by a large life company, moving it or them into a SIPP can save you a considerable amount of money and make your retirement planning easier.
Do note that it might not be in your best interests to move some pensions. This will depend on any existing benefits attached to them that would be lost on transfer. These are known as safeguarded benefits and can be highly valuable.
Capital Financial Markets can advise and make an appropriate recommendation on whether to move your pension or leave it where it is. If it is in your best interests to move any pension then we can manage this process for you.
You should never move your existing pensions without taking independent advice first.

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Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

A SIPP is a personal pension that gives you more flexibility about how you choose to invest your retirement funds and who manages it. Using a SIPP (self invested personal pension) means you can decide where your money is invested, by whom, and how much risk you are prepared to take. They were introduced in 1989 and, due to their flexible structure, have become one of the most popular pension options. Our account managers can advise you on which SIPP provider to use and we then manage the portfolio within that SIPP.

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Using SIPPs to Mitigate Inheritence Tax

SIPPs, like other forms of personal pensions can be used to help mitigate against inheritance tax. Capital Financial Markets can advise you how to do this.

If you have any questions about the most suitable pension and SIPP portfolio to suit your needs, contact Capital Financial Markets now to make an appointment. We believe that the future starts now; so responsible pension planning ensures that your retirement years are taken care of.