CFM Investment Strategy

When you sit down with us, we will analyze your financial situation. In order to help you achieve your financial and investment goals, we first need to understand why you are investing, as this will enable us to decide which types of assets, countries and industries your portfolio should focus upon.

Properly researched it is extremely possible to buy a selection of assets and hold them for the long term without having to make frequent changes. This is why we focus on researching each investment wholly. Each financial situation is unique; although we are firm believers in the benefits of long-term investments, there can often be short term opportunities that will enhance your portfolio. Our investment managers have the knowledge and experience to capitalize on short term tactical decisions that may benefit you and your goals in long term.

The makeup of your investment portfolio is dependent upon your attitude to risk. Capital Financial Markets Limited have 10 risk graded strategic allocations, risk grade 10 meaning full exposure to UK Equities. Your attitude to risk may be dependent upon what stage of life you are in. Clients in their 30’s with a family may want their portfolio to generate income. In contrast clients in their 50’s may want to solely focus upon building a pension, and thus they may have a requirement for a risk grade 5 portfolio with only 50% exposure.

When selecting or being advised to take a discretionary managed service, CFM will categorise your portfolio into one of our risk graded portfolios. This risk grade will reflect the proportion of assets which are to be invested in the main asset classes of Equities, Fixed Interest, Infrastructure and Property. This asset allocation is to control the level or risk being taken. In portfolios where the aim is capital growth the proportion of growth-related assets (usually equities) will be higher. 


Copy of Investment Objective

Capital GrowthCautiousCFM8Moderate CFM9AdventurousCFM10
Growth & IncomeCautiousCFM5Moderate CFM6AdventurousCFM7
Income CautiousCFM2Moderate CFM3AdventurousCFM4



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